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I have worked with dozens of real estate agents in the past both professionally and personally, including several within the Colorado Springs area, and Jay has been the best. What really sets him apart is how personal the entire process was. He was the first and only point of contact throughout–that is, he didn’t pass me off to an assistant or other agent after the first meeting. He was readily available by phone, text, and email throughout the day, and was happy to schedule viewings of properties around my schedule. Another great quality was that I never felt rushed during the process. Jay was happy to schedule viewings of any property I showed any interest in, and I never once felt pressured to make a hasty decision. While at the properties, he would offer great insights into the positives and negatives of each property, which helped get me interested in some properties and areas I might not have considered (I eventually bought in an area that I love but which I wouldn’t have considered had he not suggested it), while also tempering my enthusiasm for properties that I fell in love with but which weren’t good fits for my needs. He also had no problem going back to the same property multiple times. Also throughout the process, Jay would send individual listings that didn’t show up in my automated property search but which he thought I might be interested in. It was great having so many options available. Jay was professional and courteous to all parties throughout the shopping and purchase process. He was also a great resource for recommending individuals or companies for other services related to the home-buying process, such as the inspector and plumber, and he even scheduled with them directly. The entire process was simple and stress-free, and although I found a house fairly quickly I would have received the same high-quality level of service and professionalism even if the search had taken a year. I highly recommend Jay as a real estate agent, especially for first-time homebuyers who aren’t familiar with the entire process and may find more aggressive types of agents intimidating. He absolutely puts his clients’ interests ahead of his own.