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4 Ways to Save Money Online without Making it a Second Job

Does anyone pay full price for an online purchase anymore?

You know how to search for coupon codes, but here are four more clever ways to save money on your online purchases.

  1. Use a cash-back app. Ebates offers up to 40 percent cash back when you buy through its app (or online), which links to 2,000+ retailers. Similar options are BeFrugal and Paribus. The sites get a commission from the stores and then share it with you.
  2. Apply for a rewards credit card. You see the commercials: There’s every kind of rewards credit card out there that could save you from 1-5 percent on your purchase, online or otherwise. Do your research, and make sure you can pay your bill off every month.  Also, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, qualify for a mortgage, or purchase rental properties, then you absolutely need to speak to your mortgage professional before doing anything that will impact your credit score, which getting a credit card will definitely do.  4 ways to save online without making it a second job
  3. Sign up for your favorite retailer’s mailing list. You’ll get lots of emails, but you’ll also get sales announcements and discount codes.  If you’re like me, and you buy more when you’re on these lists (which is the retailer’s goal), then you can set up an email just for offers that you only check when you’re ready to shop, or you can create routing rules in your existing email inbox to direct offers to a folder that you only check when you’re ready to check out.
  4. Leave an item in your online shopping cart. The retailer may offer a discounted price if they see you haven’t hit the “Buy” button over a period of time.  Most retailers like Sparrow Hill, Kohls, Figleaves, and DSW will offer you something for keeping items in your cart.  Retailers like Payless with send you purchase waiting reminders.  Also, Amazon prices vary by day of the week.  Many items are cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays and more expensive near the weekend as shopper traffic rises (mainly on clothing, shoes, makeup, and accessories).