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5 Ways to Reduce Stress Quickly

The holidays can be a time we need to reduce stress quickly…

When we’re stressed, we’re less able to focus and we’re doing damage to our overall health. Here are some science-based methods for de-stressing quickly.

  • Breathe – Stress makes us take short breaths. Concentrate on deep breaths through the nose, exhaling through the mouth, for several minutes to increase oxygen flow and reduce tension.
  • Pattern Reset – Forcing your brain to focus on something else, such as the repetitive task of doing dishes or knitting, can help get your mind off whatever’s bothering you.
  • Go for a Walk – Not only will a 10-minute walk physically remove you from any stressful situation, the exercise releases stress-relieving endorphins in your brain. Dancing to your favorite song works, too.
  • Take an e-Break – We love technology, but it can also cause a huge amount of stress. Turn off your phone or computer to increase your ability to relax, and don’t leave your email inbox open all day.
  • Have a Snack – It’s important to be mindful about snacking (stress eating is nobody’s friend), but some nibbles can be helpful. Potassium can help modulate blood pressure, which can in turn reduce stress levels, so have a banana. Something like a handful of nuts offers a satisfying crunch and the energy your brain needs to get past the stress.

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