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Could It Be A Cold? Or is it Something Else? Should I go on that showing?

Are you sniffling through a showing?  Could this be a cold? Or is it allergies?  Or something worse?

Beyond common cold symptoms, the body is excellent at communicating when something’s not quite right. Here are several surprise symptoms that could indicate you might have a cold – and a few signs you may have something else. 

could it be a coldIt could be a cold if:

  • Your senses of smell and taste aren’t up to par.
  • You are thirstier than usual.
  • You feel muscle aches and pains in unusual places, such as the scalp.
  • You have particularly vivid or unusual dreams.
  • You find it hard to focus on a task or aren’t interested in socializing.
  • Your eyes are more sensitive to light than normal.

It might be more than just a cold if:

  • You suffer from severe headaches.
  • You just returned from a trip, especially if you were abroad.
  • You continue to experience many symptoms after four days.
  • You experience a low-grade fever for several days.
  • Your symptoms are in one location, such as the throat or an ear.

What do you do if you HAVE to be somewhere like at a showing in someone else’s house?

Sometimes, a particular house is on the market and you can’t just postpone viewing that home because you might be having allergies, a developing a cold.  As always, you should take care of yourself first, but if you absolutely need to be in public, here are some precautions to take so you’re not the person who spread around a virus.

  • Bring plenty of tissues with you, as well as hand sanitizer
  • Don’t touch fixtures like light switches or doorknobs, ask someone else to handle these things
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow or upper arm
  • Consider wearing a mask to protect those around you
  • Wash your hands frequently