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Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal in Colorado Springs

Curb Appeal is the First Impression for your home.  What is your house saying?

The first impression of your house is from the street. If you want to sell or just add some new style, try these ideas: 

Focus on your front door with a new color, updated light fixtures and easy-to-read house numbers. Front doors get really beat up by the elements. It’s cold, it’s hot, there’s sun.  The paint fades and you may not really see it as you enter or exit the house since your eyes are adjusted to it.  New house numbers really up the curb appeal, too.  There are certain house number fonts and layouts that date your home, so choosing a fresh look can help your house feel updated and cared for.  You can find house numbers here and here.
For more charm, add window flower boxes or shutters around the windows. Learn to build a window box on YouTube. 
Clean out the clutter, and trim the overgrown bushes and trees (this also makes your home safer). You can hire a professional, or do it yourself. Here’s a YouTube on trimming trees and another one on trimming back overgrown shrubs.

For quick color, add container gardens. You can buy them pre-planted by travelling to the Front Range’s premier nursery: here and you can stay local and purchase from this amazing Colorado Spring nursery: here. Want to learn about gardening in our area? You can take super classes here (ps: there are kid specific classes too).
 easy ways to add curb appeal
Add lighting accents to trees or to illuminate the pathway (another safety feature). You can go solar to eliminate wires. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either.  Here’s a great place to buy quality lights for low prices.
Pressure-wash the exteriorIf it doesn’t look better, consider new paint or siding.  You can hire pressure washing services or rent a pressure washer here.

Don’t forget the garage door. Repair it, paint it or replace it to make your house look like new. You can get some help with doing it right on YouTube, this click here.