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5 Financial Tips For College Graduates

College Grads, and many young adults, will benefit from these 5 Financial Tips!

As the price tag on a college degree continues to skyrocket, it’s become increasingly important that recent college grads are financially savvy. Instead of gifting an inspirational book to the young adults in your life this graduation season, pass these tips on instead.

Tip 1: Don’t ignore debt.

Get a plan in place as soon as possible to pay off credit cards and loans. Pay AT LEAST the minimum due every month, and make extra payments when possible. Put extra money toward those debts that carry the highest interest rates first.

Tip 2: Start saving.

Even as you pay off debt, it’s important to save money from every paycheck. Tuck some away for retirement, and establish a savings account covering at least three months’ worth of living expenses. A steady, more generous paycheck is a nice addition to a new, professional lifestyle, but it is still essential to be financially prepared for any changes in the future. CHeck out the 10 best student savings accounts: https://www.gobankingrates.com/banking/9-best-student-savings-accounts/.

5 financial tips for college gradsTip 3: Take advantage of employer matching retirement plans.

Many corporate employers will match a certain percentage of retirement contributions deducted automatically from your paycheck. If at all possible, invest the maximum amount that your employer will match.

Tip 4: Reassess accounts and credit cards.

Do a bit of research and make sure the checking account you have makes the most sense for your financial situation. Is there a bank or account with more flexibility and better benefits? The same is true for credit cards: Make sure you’re getting the lowest interest rate possible and any earned rewards match your lifestyle and interests.

Tip 5: Find a side gig.

Whether you walk dogs on the weekend or put creative skills to use with a freelance contract, a little extra money can go a long way to cushion the bank account fresh out of college.  You’ve just finished writing tons of papers, did you know you could be a proofreader for around $17/hour?  Here are some good side gigs to check out!

You can suggest to new graduates that they sign up for a free budgeting app like Mint or You Need A Budget. They’ll thank you!