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House Plants for Every Room in Your New Home

Houseplants can create a sense of calm and increase your indoor air quality in your new home!

House plants can do far more than simply spruce up the way a home looks. Certain plants wield certain benefits – and many thrive better in some rooms than in others. Put your green thumb to work and get these plants growing where they serve you best!

In the living room:

  • The peace lily removes mold spores in the air and is relatively low maintenance. Though it can adapt to low light, placing it in a well-lit area will keep it flowering almost nonstop.
  • Colorful or striking-looking plants like cacti or bird of paradise can add a fun touch to this lively space.

houseplants for every room in your new homeIn the bedroom:

  • Weeping figs, or ficus plants, remove airborne toxins and increase oxygen levels, allowing for better sleeping conditions.
  • French lavender promotes calm and serenity.
  • If you have ample sunlight, add aloe, which purifies the air.

In the bathroom:

  • Chinese evergreen is durable and the soil should be kept moist – perfect for a humid room!
  • Ferns thrive in environments with low light and high humidity.

In the kitchen and dining room:

  • Golden pothos are good hanging plants, so they don’t take up precious counter space.
  • Bamboo is simple to care for and makes for an interesting table centerpiece.
  • From rosemary to mint, any sort of herb is welcome in the kitchen.