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Keeping Your New Kitchen In Order

A New Home is a Fresh Start to Put Your Kitchen in Order

From that first bowl of cereal to the final midnight snack, kitchens are among the most used rooms in the house. Organize it now to make it easy to get around and find what you need later.

• Separate dedicated areas. Keeping your kitchen in order is about more than just cleaning it consistently.  Keep areas for prepping, cooking, and storing food, and then keep similar items – such as baking equipment – together within each of these places.

• Store items in clear containers. Small items like tea bags and gravy mixes should be stored with like items in a storage unit that can be easily identified with a quick peek.

• Invest in risers and drawer dividers. It’s much easier to access cookware and dishes in cabinets if they’re sorted and stacked on risers. Ditto for small items separated using drawer dividers.

• Think seasonally. If you don’t use that crock pot in the summer or the ice tea container in the winter, tuck them out of sight and out of mind until the proper season rolls back around.

• Look for a lazy Susan. On countertops, they can be used for oils, spices, and other ingredients you might need at a moment’s notice. And in the pantry, use them to store cans, jars, and condiments.

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