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How to Say ‘No’…Nicely. . .

Saying “no” to friends, family, and coworkers often means you get to say “yes” to your own needs. Doing so politely means people still like you! Here are ways to say no that won’t alienate others:

– When your boss gives you a new assignment: “That project sounds interesting. I already have a lot on my plate, what should I put on the back burner to accommodate this?”

– When you’re asked to give to a charity: “I’ve already donated my planned amount this month (or year), but tell me more about this charity for my next charitable round of giving.”

– When you’re asked to lend your truck for a move: “I’m sorry, I don’t loan out my vehicle, but let’s talk about the date – maybe I can do the driving myself.”

– When you’re asked to run the school bake sale – again: “You know, I think I’ve done the last two. Why don’t we see if someone else can take a turn?”