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What Tree is Right for Your New Yard?

Finding the right Tree for your yard is about answering these four questions:

what tree is right for your new yard

Trees are a major landscaping feature for your home, and a major investment as well. Choosing the right tree for your yard is about much more than just what looks pretty in the garden center. Consider these factors before you start planting.

What is the tree’s job?
You might want property border definition, a privacy screen, shade, brilliant fall colors, or fruit growing in your yard. Narrow your search to trees that fulfill your needs.

What trees are best suited to your location?
Don’t invest in a beautiful tree if it won’t thrive in your climate or the soil in your yard. Also keep in mind how much extra watering a tree will need, and when. Trees generally need more water in the first two years before they’re established.

What kind of maintenance is involved?
Leaves that turn bright colors every fall may be a vibrant focal point for your garden, but those leaves will also need to be raked up. Find out what a tree will need in each season, including any pruning and disease prevention.

How much space can the tree occupy?
Be aware of how large a tree will get when it’s mature, and plant accordingly. Even if you won’t be in your house 20 or 50 years in the future, careful planting today means future occupants won’t need to uproot the tree.

The Arbor Day Foundation has a helpful tool “Click this link-Tree Wizard,” where you answer some questions to find out what types of trees are right for you.

As always, be sure you’re planting your new tree at least 6 feet from your foundation walls.  After all, tree roots spread out in the soil like the branches spread out in the sky and you don’t want to inadvertently create a foundation problem, or plumbing and pipe clogging issues with tree roots.