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Worried about Foreclosure? Here’s who to talk to

 Q. What experts should I talk to if my home is about to go into foreclosure?

A. Avoid scammers, and talk to one or more of these professionals:

– Your REALTOR® will help you review your options.

– A Foreclosure Counselor will help you evaluate your current financial situation and serve as an advocate with your bank, free of charge.

– A Tax Expert will advise you if you do a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure since forgiveness of debt may be considered taxable income.

– A Credit Counselor can help you develop a plan to avoid future financial difficulty as well as help you repair your credit score.

– An Attorney can help you if your lender has filed a foreclosure lawsuit.

For more information on avoiding foreclosure, call and ask for my Free Consumer Report called Options To Avoid Foreclosure.”