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“You set expectations very clearly up front which I appreciated. You followed through on your brand promise. I literally felt (still do) like I could call and ask you about anything related to the buy/sell transactions and subsequent remodel of the new house.

A few things that stuck out:
– Jumped in twice on your day off when we had something urgent/time sensitive to address.
– Helped us get creative and think through the potential with the new property, specifically with the remodel.
– Helped us solicit bids from contractors and trades. Did walk throughs without us even having to show up.
– I was in Denver and contractor notified me water was gushing out of septic cover. You went to property on short notice and fixed a disconnected pump in our septic system. Got sprayed with who knows what in the process – sorry!
– Our old house was marketed exceptionally well with pics, social media, flyers, etc. Had two offers within first couple hours on the market – way over list.
– During inspection the buyer requested a new roof. I had already had a couple roofers look at it and had been told that there was no damage that would justify an insurance claim…it was just an old roof. You insisted that I should file a claim and have your roofer meet the adjustor to plead my case. The adjustor showed up early and was gone before your roofer showed for the appointment. As expected, the adjustor found no damage warranting a claim. I was ready to come out of pocket at that point, but you again insisted I ask for a second adjustor and insist that he meet your roofer. Ultimately insurance ended up approving my claim and we saved about 7K. Thanks, man!!!  You promised to go above and beyond and help address anything and everything that I might need in relation to my real estate transactions. Then you followed through on that promise.  Honestly your communication was a 5, but I listed it at 4 because you are looking for ways to improve. There were a couple times where I was sent documents and asked to sign, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at, what the implications were, what was standard vs not, etc. You quickly answered any questions I had so no big deal, but if you wanted to get even better I think you could become more proactive in holding people’s hands with those confusing legal documents.

Two other ideas:
– In your initial meeting provide head shots and brief bios of your team members. The first couple times I got emails requesting signatures from various team members I wasn’t quite sure who they were.
– Maybe send a brief video tutorial or walk through of how to use the e-sign tool. Super easy once I did it once, but the first time I fumbled around with it a little bit. I’m sure clear instructions were provided, but perhaps they could be even MORE obvious.”
—David H.