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“Enjoyable experience. We really appreciated how accommodating you were to our needs by walking through the houses by yourself and taking videos and sharing them with us since we weren’t able to be there in person. I appreciated the input and the fact that you put yourself in OUR shoes and gave us good feedback because you understood our needs. Easy to talk to. We really liked the honesty and the feedback you provided on the houses. The videos you took gave us a good idea what the house was like and made us more comfortable. We felt that you were on our side and had our best interests in mind, not your own. Produce a one or two page first time home buyers guide that you can give to your clients that gives THEM an overview of questions to ask, and things to look for when buying a home. Considerations of the neighborhoods, unrealized expenditures coming up (New roof, new siding, etc.), how old are the appliances, water heater, etc.. Generally speaking, things that you would notice or ask if YOU were to buy the home. When doing something for the first time, you don’t know, what you don’t know… so it would be good to be told plainly ” Hey if I were buying a house, these are the things that I would be looking at.” Other than that, Im glad we were able to work together!”
-Alex W.