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3 Common Questions (and Answers) about Charging Your Smartphone

Get a (Smartphone) Charge Out of This

You hear a lot of myths about smartphone batteries but what should you believe? Here are some facts to set the record straight:

Q: Should I let my phone charge overnight?
A: PCMag says smartphones are smart enough that they don’t let an overload happen. But energy trickling to the battery when it falls to 99% can heat the phone and eats into its lifespan. Best advice: if you wake up in the night, unplug it.

questions and answers to charging your cellphone no titleQ: Should I let the charge go down to zero?
A: Not the best thing to do with lithium-ion batteries. It wears out the battery even faster.

Q: Can just one app use a lot of my phone’s battery?
A: Most people don’t close apps, so they’re still working in the background. Close your apps – and try turning off your wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS during the day if you aren’t using them. And turn your phone off (yes!) and restart it at least once a week to close all those apps completely.

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