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5 Customer Service Tips that Give Real Results

Customer Service Tips that Really Work!

While calling customer service may make your stomach sink and your palms sweat, there are simple ways to help make sure your next call to a help line or returns counter is less stressful and more successful. 

Be Prepared 

Gather all the documentation you think you’ll need before you begin. Err on the side of over-preparing so you won’t 

customer service tips that give real results

be even more frustrated by having to make the same trip or call a second time. It’s always a good idea to scan those documents into a PDF in case you need to provide copies to the representative if you’re working through a phone call or by chat.  Make sure you have copies of all your documents before you head in to a person to person service situation.

Be Nice 

Kindness will always get you further than starting off with anger. You’re talking with a human being, who is not responsible for the problem that you’re experiencing with their product or service. Remember, they may not have the power to resolve your problem, but they are the gateway to the solution.

Be Patient 

Sometimes your problem can be fixed quickly. Sometimes it can’t. Don’t start a customer service call when you’re pressed for time, or the ticking clock will make the experience worse. 

Be Direct 

Explain your issue briefly and ask for what you need as plainly as possible. If you can, suggest a solution that works for you. 

Be Recording 

Companies often record customer service calls, and you can, too. Use live chat on a company’s website, which you can copy and paste into a document or email to yourself.