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5 Hidden Issues to Look for in a New House

Don’t let these hidden issues escape your notice

Buying a home can be an exciting experience, whether you’re new to the market or looking to downsize. It’s important to be careful with your buying decision. The last thing you want to do is move to a new area only to discover that your home has a plethora of hidden issues. With that in mind, here are five hidden issues to look for in a new house.

Piles of Boxes

You might not think anything of seeing a stack of boxes in the home you’re touring. It is on the market, after all, so it’s safe to assume that the sellers are getting ready to move. Don’t walk past them without a second thought. They could be placed very strategically. Sometimes, issues are concealed behind piles of boxes—this is especially true in the basement. Take a look behind them to ease your mind.

hidden issues in houses

Recent Renovations

According to House Method, you should check to see if there have been recent renovations done to the home. Sometimes, renovations cover up an underlying issue, like water leaks or mold. Make sure that the renovations seem like they add value to the house and not cover anything up. You can also ask the homeowners or their representative if they were done as a result of damage.

Roof Issues

One of the most dreaded issues homeowners encounter is roof repair. Replacing your roof isn’t costly. It can take quite a long time to complete and your home will be vulnerable in the meantime. That’s not even taking into account the noise that you’ll live through as the structure is repaired. Make sure you check the roof out before you buy the house. If there are issues, you’ll want to take that into consideration before moving forward.

Temperature Disparities

Insulation and cooling issues can plague homes of any age. Older homes are often a bit drafty, for example. Newer homes can sometimes lack quality insulation or HVAC systems to help cool and heat them. When you step into a home, assess the temperature inside against the temperature outside. If it’s the dead of summer and the home is even hotter inside than out, see if the A/C is on. If it is, there might very well be an issue with the air conditioner. The inverse is true during the winter.

Small Holes

Do you see small holes in the wood or drywall of the home in question? If so, you should be cautious. These can be signs of a past or present termite infestation. Contact a professional for more information. Make sure you understand the risks of the issue before moving forward.
If you’re ready to begin the search for your new home, keep these tips in mind. Make sure you find the best fit for your budget and your needs.

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