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5 Tech-Related Injuries and How to Resolve them

Uh Oh- Have One of These? Smartphones and other tech can have physical ramifications.  Check out our Top 5 list and how to fix them for a Happier, Healthier Body

Most of us use tech devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets on a regular basis, whether it’s for our jobs or for recreation.  According to wellness industry experts, device usage peaks around January, but most people come in complaining of these 5 tech-related injuries once summer rolls around:5 tech injuries and how to heal them

  1. Selfie elbow. Caused by holding arms up and bent, which applies pressure to the ulnar nerve. Straighten out those arms! You can find braces to wear at night to help you straighten out while you’re sleeping.  Those are available at stores like Walmart and Walgreens.
  2. Smartphone thumb. Constantly using thumbs to text causes thumb tendons to get inflamed. Give thumbs a rest and use GBoard or the audio transcription available with your device like Siri or Cortana.  Want to be able to dictate paragraphs of writing?  Try the Dragon Naturally Speaking app.
  3. Tech neck or mouse shoulder. Hunching over devices causes neck and back tightness. Sit up straight with good posture.  If you’re noticing lingering tension in our shoulders and upper back (and let’s face it, who isn’t), try stretching against an open doorway for a minute, or using a foam roller nightly for effective muscle release!
  4. Computer vision syndrome. Staring at the screen too long can cause headaches and blurred vision. Look away!  In fact, doctors recommend looking away for a minute after ten minutes of intense (slow blink) work.  Also invest in high quality, preservative-free re-wetting drops to keep those corneas moist.
  5. Typer’s Wrist.  That tingling feeling you get after an intense email session.  Invest in an ergonomic keyboard, stretch your fingers and flex your wrists throughout the day, and consider night-bracing if the tingling lasts beyond the typing session.  You can get high quality wrist braces to wear through the night at your local durable medical supply store (like Affordable Medical Supply).
    Best advice? Adjust your habits and avoid repetitive strain.  If you pain is persisting, see your doctor for help.