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5 Tips To Improve Spinal Health

Could New Shoes Help An Aching Back?

Is your back aching? Here are some things you can do right now that can help improve your spinal health. You might even remedy some of the things you are doing that you don’t realize are hurting your back.
Wear the Right Shoes. Your feet have an important job – holding everything above them upright – and when your shoes don’t fit properly that can cause back pain (not to mention blisters!). Make sure your shoes have a snug heel and a supportive base. Consider adding shoe inserts if your favorite pair doesn’t provide the support you need.
Sleep Well. Stomach sleepers do more damage to their spines than those who sleep on their sides or back. What you sleep on matters, too. There are different types of mattresses and pillows to address every back condition. Do some research on WebMD.com (search for your type of back pain-lower, middle, neck- plus “best mattress”).
Exercise With the Spine in Mind. Some exercises may do damage to your spine. Make sure the exercises you’re doing are helping strengthen your spine. Strengthening core muscles are a good way to offer the spine support.
Limit Sitting Time. Adjust your work space to be more ergonomic. from the position of your chair’s armrests to the height of your computer screen. Standing desks make a great option for some people. Look for an option where you can change from standing to sitting throughout the day. If work requires lots of sitting, take regular breaks to move around and stretch.
Get a Massage. A good massage not only relaxes the mind, it can also help your body – including the spine – heal. Massage increases the body’s production of endorphins, which relieve pain. It also improves circulation. More blood flowing to an injured back speeds the healing process.