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5 Ways To Save Money on Pets

Here are five tips to keep pet-related costs down

Our adorable companions are often referred to as “money pits” for good reason: they can be expensive. From veterinary costs to food intolerances, the costs of owning a pet can add up quickly.

Adopt instead of buying a pet. Not only does rescuing give a dog a fresh start, the costs are usually considerably cheaper than buying a dog from a breeder. Typically, the adoption package includes vouchers for a local pet store, a free veterinary examination, and training resources.

save money on petsBuy pet insurance, especially if you have a puppy. Like kids, dogs can be accident-prone and vet bills soon add up. Companies like Pets Best pay out at up to 90 percent of the vet bill, which is considerably higher than most health insurance companies.

Shop around for food. Most online stores, like Chewy.com or the online version of Petco, offer incentives for new customers. PetsMart and Petco also have reward systems where if you spend a certain amount, you save money.

Avoid fashion items. Few dogs require clothing, unless they are shorthaired or from a warmer climate than yours. Save the money you’d use on outfits for other unexpected costs.

Stay current with vaccinations. This will save you big money in the long term-the vet bills for illnesses you could have vaccinated for will be much more expensive than those shots!