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6 Outlet Shopping Secrets to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

Make Your Last Minute Holiday Shopping at Outlet Malls a Breeze

The phrase “outlet mall” is likely to make any shopaholic salivate. To get the most out of a trip to the outlet mall, important to do a bit of research ahead of time.

Know what kind of “outlet mall” it is

There are a few different types of outlets, and the goods (and deals) differ between them. Genuine outlets offer items from retail stores that are often marked-down. Factory stores sell goods made for the outlet, in which case the deals may not be as great as they appear.

Some items are outlet store specific manufactures

Goods produced for factory outlet are often lower-quality goods than you’d find in the retail store. Since these items were never in a regular store, the tags indicating sharp discounts are fake. You can compare retail prices. Research online beforehand or use a smartphone app like ShopSavvy while you’re there.

Beware the “sunk cost” fallacy

Outlet malls are usually located far enough from city centers that shoppers make a day of it. But don’t feel like you need to buy something to make the trip worthwhile.

Shop out of season

For the biggest savings, shop for winter items in summer and summer items in winter.

Shop early

Outlet malls are busiest from about lunchtime through the mid-afternoon. Early birds not only avoid the crowds, they get to comb through the best selection.

Work from back to front

Even outlets have sale racks, which are usually at the back of the store.