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6 Packing Hacks to Simplify your Holiday Travels

Don’t Sweat Holiday Travels with these Packing Hacks

Make the most of your suitcase space. That way, you can take less and travel with less stress this holiday season.

1. Stuff underwear and socks in shoes. If you’re going to do this one, make sure your shoes smell fresh.

2. Roll clothes like t-shirts, instead of folding them up. Here’s a quick tutorial to on rolling without wrinkling:

3. For items that don’t roll, fold and file them from front to back instead of stacking.

4. Use packing cubes to organize by size, style or type of clothing.  These are great ones that really save space!Woman sitting on her overfull suitcase

5. Use compression bags for bulky items and dirty laundry. 

6. Manage and maintain small items with clear, zip-top bags.