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7 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Moving Day

Stressing out about being ready for your moving day?

Getting packed, prepped and ready to move into a new home can be stressful, but there are a few things you can do to be better prepared for the day you make your move. Start with these seven tips to make getting into a new home less of a hassle.

Start Planning Early

You shouldn’t wait until moving day to get ready. If you know you’ll be moving in the near future, it’s a good idea to go ahead and start putting your relocation plan together. Sit down with your partner or roommates to discuss what needs to get done. Make a list that includes any packing, cleaning or prepping that needs to be completed before the move.

Make Sure Your New Home is Ready

If your new home needs any work, it’s smart to take care of projects before you move in. Paint your rooms when there’s no furniture to make the job a little easier. Make sure any major repairs including plumbing or electrical work is completed prior to living in the property. Finally, check with local utility companies to get your new home up and running for your move.

7 tips to take the stress out of moving without titleGet Help From Friends

When you don’t have a lot to move or are moving locally, friends can be a big help. Be sure to check with the people you know ahead of time, so they will be available to help you out. Try to find ways to show gratitude for their help. Having a few extra hands can make a big difference when you’re moving larger items or don’t have the resources to hire professional movers.

Know When to Turn to The Pros

Getting help from friends can save you money, but sometimes it’s best to get professional help. If you’re moving across country or a long distance, don’t have time to pack or just don’t know a lot of people, hiring professional movers makes sense. Movers can efficiently pack your belongings to avoid damage, which helps if you have a lot of heirlooms or quality furnishings. They usually bring packing supplies such as handtrucks and furniture pads with them, which can save you stress and hassle.

Pack a “Day Of” Bag

As you pack up your house, make a list of the essential items you need to keep with you on the day of your move and while you unpack. Medications, clothing and toiletries should all be at the top of your list. If you have cell phones or tablets for the kids, make sure you include chargers on the list as well. Set those items aside as you place belongings in boxes. Make sure you keep your “day of” bag or box with you on moving day, so that you can access needed items quickly.

Have a Plan for Kids and Pets

Packing and moving can be stressful for animals and children. To make your move go a little smoother, find care for kids and pets. Book a sitter or ask for help from family or friends. If you have pets, check with local doggy daycares and boarding facilities about checking your animals in during all of the commotion. And make sure you make your dog comfortable in your new home as well.

Plan for Meals While You Move In

On moving day, you may not have full access to a kitchen but you still need to eat. Leave room in your budget to grab meals on the go. If you’d still rather eat at home, prep some meals that will be easy to heat up on the day of your move. Crockpots can be especially helpful for moving, since you can set your slow cooker recipes up and leave them to cook while you unpack.

Moving days can be a hectic but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little planning and prep work, your move will be over and done before you know it, and you will be all set to enjoy your new home!