2018 Miracles Happen

Welcome to the 5th annual Miracles Happen family fun day and golf tournament.

2018 Miracles Happen

Kenney & Company Real Estate is proud to partner with, bring awareness, and provide practical assistance to local charities through an annual Miracles Happen family fun day and golf tournament. 100% of donations, registrations, and ticket sales will go to this years beneficiary.


We sold out almost all events this year and had a record turnout! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we handled the growth and last-minute adjustments due to weather.

It’s not too late to save a life!

If you didn’t get an opportunity to donate or feel led to give more, you can do so online here:

Support our Firefighters Support our Peace Officers

The 2018 beneficiary is SHIELD616

About this year’s beneficiary

SHIELD616 seeks to supply local law enforcement officers and firefighters with the best rifle rated body armor available.  The armor provided is critical in protecting officers and firefighters against rifle threats commonly used in today’s active shooter scenarios.  Rifle rated armor is not commonly issued to law enforcement officers and firefighters, as it is very expensive.  The majority of law enforcement officers are only issued body armor which is rated to protect against handguns.  Outfitting firefighters has been come very important, as firefighters across the country are encountering gun fire and do not have the equipment to keep themselves safe.

Armor Packages

The full armor package for a law enforcement officer is $1400 and the full armor package for a firefighter is $2000.  The difference in pricing reflects the firefighter’s need for the handgun soft Kevlar armor, which officers are provided by their agencies. Our level three armor weighs 3 lbs and is rated for some rifles but not all, level 4 is 8lbs and is rated for high-powered rifles too. (Officers generally get level 4.)

Whether you golf, get pampered, or spend the day at the pool, 100% of your donations will directly support local first responders by supplying Armor Packages through SHIELD616 and breaking down the barrier between local law enforcement and citizens by raising awareness and seeking support from the citizens in the community.

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