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How To Find The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can be a real pain in the back.

And suffering from back pain when you should be getting a good night’s sleep can leave you with residual physical problems and a lack of mental clarity.

What does the perfect mattress look like?

  • It keeps your spine aligned. Proper spine support at the neck and lower back is essential.
  • Its firmness fits your body type and spine alignment. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all firmness for back pain, but if you’re not sure what’s best, look for something with medium firmness or a memory foam mattress.
  • It’s relatively new. Mattresses older than ten years have lost their structural integrity.
  • It comes with a trial period. Some companies have a policy that lets you sleep on — and return — a mattress for up to 100 days with a full refund if it isn’t right. Take advantage of this.
  • It’s not the least expensive in the store. Studies have shown that people who sleep on cheaper mattresses report more lower back pain, so opt for a medium- or higher-priced bed, if possible.
  • It’s custom built for you. If your budget allows, shop for a brand like Helix that offers tailor-built mattresses based on your individual needs.

Choosing the right mattress can combat lower back pain, but sleeping in the right position is also important. Try one of these sleeping positions:

  • On the back with knee support.
  • On the side with a pillow between the knees.
  • In the fetal position.
  • On the front with a pillow beneath the stomach.