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Break These 3 Work Rules

Some Work Rules are Meant to be Broken

The professional world is wrought with expectations on how to act and what to do. But sometimes those expectations and “rules” are meant to be broken. 

The rule: Avoid emotional topics. 

Work is a place where only work things should be discussed, right? If a clash in productivity or communication styles results in tension between you and your co-worker(s) —and it ultimately affects your ability to do your job — you need to address the issue. 
But … respect your coworkers’ privacy. If the emotional topic isn’t related to work, avoid bringing it up. You wouldn’t want your colleagues to infringe upon the messy details of your personal life, so offer them the same respect. 

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The rule: Don’t go over your supervisor’s head. 

If you’ve let your manager know of safety and/or security risks and they aren’t being addressed, go straight to someone who can resolve the issues. It may take time to address common concerns, but when it comes to safety and security, if your boss hasn’t done something in a reasonable amount of time and someone is in harm’s way, it’s time to break this rule. 
But … attempt to settle issues through the established chain of command. When it comes to just about every other work-related issue, follow the protocol set out by your workplace. It’s been put in place for a reason, even if it may seem outdated or inefficient to you at times. 

The rule: Network at every opportunity. 

In our ever-connected world, it might seem like you constantly need to schmooze, but you don’t need to turn every backyard barbecue and golf game into a chance to swap business cards. It’s perfectly okay — and even healthy — to relax and just be yourself without any business pretenses from time to time. 

But … if you’re representing your workplace, act professional. At professional conferences or networking events you’re attending on behalf of your company, act like it. Also, be mindful that nothing is truly private in the age of social media, so don’t badmouth colleagues even on private social media accounts, and keep in mind that anything you do could end up being broadcast on social media as well. 

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