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Castle Rock

Castle Rock, CO is the most populous city in Douglas County, CO.  It’s named for the prominent, castle tower-shaped rock formation near the center of town.  Located between Colorado Springs and Denver, Castle Rock is an excellent home for commuters who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Denver Metro area.

The Founding of Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock was founded in 1874 when the eastern Douglas County border was redrawn to its present location. Castle Rock was chosen as the county seat because of its central location.

One of the first homesteaders in the area near today’s Castle Rock was Jeremiah Gould. He owned about 160 acres to the south of “The (Castle) Rock.” At that time, the settlement consisted of just a few buildings for prospectors, workers, and cowboys. In 1874, Jeremiah Gould donated 120 acres to the new town that was also now home to the Douglas County government. Form the beginning, the six streets named Elbert, Jerry, Wilcox, Perry, Castle, and Front were laid out to build the actual town of Castle Rock.


North of Downtown / West of I-25

South of Downtown / West of I-25

North of Downtown / East of I-25

South of Downtown / East of I-25

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