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Creating Special Family Moments

Celebrate Family just in Time for the End of the School Year!

With work obligations and demands to multi-task at every turn, sometimes we need a reminder to slow down and appreciate the people we’re with, especially as they’re going through a transition over the summer. Investing quality time with family pays for itself with a lifetime of memories that extend far beyond those professional deadlines, graduations, and other events. Amp up that precious time together with these super-special ideas this summer.

Group of friends spending time making a picnic

Get outside:

Combine fresh air and a bit of exercise with a day outside. Whether planting a family garden or going for a hike, slow down to observe plants, bugs, and animals. Sketch leaves, feel the dirt, and smell the flowers. Record details of the day in a shared family journal.

Cook a meal together:

Instead of running through the drive-thru for dinner-on-the-go, involve everyone in preparing a family meal. Discuss and plan a menu, shop for the ingredients, and make the meal together. Of course, eating as a family is just as important. Numerous studies have shown spending dinnertime together has a positive impact on communication, mental health, and food choices.

Celebrate holidays:

Create traditions together to commemorate common holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.  In fact, you can create a family tradition of attending the Miracles Happen Family Fun Day over Labor Day weekend.  Or, create your own special holidays, such as a “family day” or “child appreciation day” with its own unique rituals.

Make a piece of family art:

Pull out the craft supplies and dust off the imagination — it’s time to get creative! If you’ve just gotten back from a family vacation, this is a great time to make a trip scrapbook. Or draw and color a joint picture to be framed and hung in an area where everyone can enjoy it.

Set aside a weekly family day:

Make a conscious effort to block out at least a few non-negotiable hours to spend together as a family every week. Fill this time any way you want, or take turns planning something — as long as you spend it together!