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Get Ready To De-Clutter! Part 1

Who said spring cleaning should only happen once a year? Any time is a good time to declutter … but where to start and how to do it well? This month, get in the right frame of mind. Next month, we’ll tackle the bedroom!


Before you begin:

  • Set aside time to focus on decluttering.
  • Avoid buying anything new for your home during the decluttering process.
  • Think about what you want the space to look like after decluttering. Throughout the process, revisit this vision.


  • Choose an area that causes the most stress or an area that impacts your daily life.
  • Start with visible surfaces like desktops and tables, then tackle hidden places like drawers and cabinets.
  • Re-evaluate and reorganize large items like furniture.
  • Deal with each item, and make sure there is a proper place for everything.