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Decorating Tips for a Stress-Free Home

3 Decorating Tips to Reduce Stress

It’s a fact that our homes can affect our mood. Lack of natural lighting, dark decor, and cluttered spaces can bring down our moods and elevate our anxiety and stress.

Focus on doing only things that will bring you peace and reduce your stress in 2019. Avoid the cliché of making this a “resolution”, though. Resolutions are for chumps. Commitments are for people who get things done.

Start by committing to changing three things about your home decor to cut stress. Stress makes us sick and limits our productivity. We must cut as much as we can, in as many areas of our lives as we can, to live well. To keep you motivated, we will keep this short. We will discuss one room in your home you should re-do, one thing to add to your home and one thing to remove from it.

Re-do your sleeping oasis

You need seven hours of sleep a night on average. Failure to do so results in high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, and depression. You can optimize your bedroom design to create a restful and relaxing environment. You want your bedroom to feel like a haven, a place you can steal away to to relax, rejuvenate and sleep. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make sure the lighting feels soft to your eyes. Bedside lamps are best; jarring overhead light will keep you awake. New York Magazine did some digging on Amazon for you to get you started.
  2. Make sure your bedding is cozy enough to snuggle into at night. Texture makes a big difference when it comes to nighttime comfort. You’ll want to make sure you find the perfect set for you to look forward to jumping into each night. There are so many online retailers competing for you business, you needn’t break the bank to find a great set. In fact, buy an extra set of sheets while you’re shopping so you have a backup pair. You need to change your sheets once per week to keep your sleepy-time oasis clean for the task.
  3. Make sure your mattress is comfortable. If you’re tossing and turning at night without falling asleep, your mattress is not your friend. If you have had your mattress longer than seven years, your mattress is not your friend. If your mattress is old and saggy and you wake up sore, your mattress is not your friend. Learn what qualities to look for in a better mattress for better sleep.
  4. Make sure it smells nice. Essential oils can help you sleep and offset any foul smells produced, ahem, during the night. Pro tip: Lavendar reduces anxiety and may enhance your ability to relax and sleep.

Add some greenery to your home

Add easy-to-care-for plants throughout your home. The green color will perk up any room. Also, plants reduce anxiety and stress when you touch and smell them. They can serve as cheap, useful mental health interventions for anyone who needs one.

Plants also pull harmful toxins out of the air whilst also turning your CO2 into oxygen. Aloe vera and Areca palm work well at purifying the air. If you have no luck with living green things, try using succulents like aloe vera. They don’t need a ton of maintenance.

Get rid of crazy patterns

Think simple, clean and easy to look at. Too many patterns can jangle your brain. like too much noise does, says Prevention magazine. Too many will distract your eyes. That’s stressful.

Do you think Pottery Barn uses the color schemes it uses by accident? Those folks know neutrals are soothing. Follow that lead and go easy on the prints and patterns. Any patterns you do want to include you should highlight by using it in one spot to create a focal point for the room.

When you are ready to start, be realistic about the process. You can’t decorate before you remove clutter. And that process will take more than a day if you do it alone.

The changes you make should make you feel more welcome, safer and calmer when you enter your home. The sight of a clean and attractive home should fill you with peace.

Laurie Larson is a freelance writer who writes on home, health, and lifestyle topics. She hopes to inspire others to live healthier and happier lives!