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Make The Most of Estate Sales

4 Expert Insights On Estate Sale Shopping

Estate sales are like utopia for treasure hunters. Estate sales aren’t like yard sales, though, so here are a few things to know before you head out. Looking for a good sale? Try www.estatesale.com
  • Know Who’s Running the Show. Some estate sales are organized and run by family. More often, it’s a team of professionals who are handling everything. This information is useful because you can do your homework in advance. Find out what payment methods they accept. You’ll want to know if they’ve got strict rules about when to pick up purchases.
  • Plan Day One vs. Day Two. Going bright and early on day one of an estate sale means you’ll have the best selection of goodies to peruse. It also means you won’t get to do any haggling. Day two is when haggling can happen, though the selection will be more picked-over.
  • Poke Around Everywhere. Estate sales generally spread throughout a house. This makes use of every available nook and cranny to stash items for sale. If an area is off-limits, you’ll see clear signage. Open cabinets and drawers, go up and down stairs, and don’t forget the garage and backyard.
  • Bring Cash. If you can’t find information about payment methods accepted, bring cash. Don’t assume they’ll take checks or credit cards.