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Organizing Your Home (The Bedroom)

7 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom

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You spend almost one-third of your life in the bedroom. This should be a place of rest and relaxation. It’s worth investing time to make it as stress-free and easy to navigate as possible.

  1. Hang artwork on the walls. Choose decorative pieces that can hang. Avoid cluttering up dressers and nightstands with clunky items.
  2. Use storage space under the bed. Buy clear, flat plastic bins and tuck away out-of-season clothing and shoes you don’t wear on a regular basis. Depending on a bed’s height, you might also be able to hide luggage.
  3. Invest in proper linen storage. Is your bed is exploding with pillows and blankets? Invest in a blanket rack and baskets, so these extra items have a storage space other than the floor.Keep your bedroom organized
  4. Maintain a minimal nightstand. The nightstand should hold two sets of items: bedtime and wake up accessories. Everything else should move somewhere more appropriate. Using a nightstand with drawers can reduce the clutter problem.
  5. Buy a hamper. Put it near the closet to keep clothes contained to one area of the room.
  6. Contain garbage. Use A small, attractive trash bin in a convenient location. This keeps dirty tissues and paper scraps off of nightstands and dressers.
  7. Wrangle your closet. Your closet is not the same thing as your bedroom, so it shouldn’t spill out into the room. Do a full-closet organization sweep at least once a season, but maintain daily order by:
  • Keeping a donation bin or bag in your closet so you can drop things in as needed.
  • Spend 10-15 minutes once a week rehanging and refolding clothes that have fallen out of place.
  • Utilizing the closet door to hang belts, hats, scarves, and jewelry at eye level. Try a special door rack made for this purpose.

(Watch for next month’s checklist: your bathroom!)