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Could Your Midnight Snack Be Causing Insomnia?

Here’s What to Snack on Instead

Midnight snacks are not to blame for weight gain—at least not simply because of when they’re eaten. Research says it’s the overall daily consumption of calories to keep an eye on, but that doesn’t mean all late-night snacks are created equally.

Snacking in addition to meals too often can be negative for your overall health, but there are some snacks that can hinder your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some things not to eat before bed—and some substitutions to keep handy instead.

Man eating at night next to refrigerator
Instead of … …Eat This
Ice Cream                             

Yogurt: It’s full of calcium, which can help you sleep.

Potato Chips                          

Pistachios: They help produce melatonin.


Strawberries: They’re a low-calorie treat with lots of
vitamin C.

In general, right before bed, it’s best to avoid large quantities of simple carbs, sugar, or food that’s more difficult to digest. The sugar and carbs can cause spikes in blood sugar, making it challenging to relax, while your body working harder to digest something like red meat may cause indigestion and discomfort. The best late-night snacking advice is:

  1. Count those calories in your overall daily intake.
  2. Exercise portion control to avoid unintended overeating.
  3. Steer clear of sugar and simple carbs.