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How to Block Out Noisy Neighbors

Noisy neighbors can be quite stressful.

Whether your neighbor has a loud dog, car, or music, it can be very irritating to have to live next to or nearby someone that disturbs the peace. Your home should be a place you can relax. If your neighbor is causing lots of noise, it’s important to find a solution to the problem. Otherwise, you risk sleepless nights and an inability to focus during the day.


After trying some of the other methods here, if the noisiness doesn’t resolve you should consider moving homes. It’s important that you find a real estate agent that can find a new home to fit your needs. If you want a quieter, more peaceful neighborhood, then a quality real estate agent will take that into consideration during the house-hunting process.

Although moving may seem drastic, your mental health is important. If you can’t focus or sleep in your current neighborhood, that is not okay. It’s important to live in a home that you’re comfortable and happy in. Sometimes, moving homes is the smartest option to accomplish that.


For a quick, easy, and cheap solution, just try earplugs. There are many types of earplugs available (even those that are waterproof) for whatever your need is. These will greatly reduce the sound and are especially helpful for nighttime.

You may also want to consider wearing headphones throughout the day. There are several noise-canceling headphones out there, and you can even listen to music with them in. This will help you to stay focused during the day, especially if you work from home.


For extra sound reduction, you can install a barrier. Solid fences add privacy, block sound, and serve as a nice decoration. They also increase the property value of your house. Bushes, shrubbery, and trees serve as additional ways to absorb sound.

They may also give you privacy and even a bit of shade (if they’re tall enough). If there’s a lot of sunlight entering your home, it would be smart to add some shade to reduce your UV exposure and subsequent risk for skin cancer.


If you have a good relationship with your neighbor, it’s easy to confront them about their noise level. If you meet them in person, act kind, and avoid drama, you can talk to any neighbor, regardless of your relationship with them.

Avoid talking to others about the problem; doing so may worsen the problem. Be sure to speak with them about it and not be abrasive. They may not be aware of the problem, or they may be in the process of fixing it. You won’t know until you ask.

Code Enforcement

If you speak to your neighbor and they don’t correct the problem or make plans to correct it, you may have to take further action. Depending on the situation, you can call a non-emergency police service, such as Code Enforcement, to further investigate the problem.

If the problem is a noisy dog, there may be possible mistreatment occurring that is causing the dog to feel distressed. You must use your judgment based on the situation, but this will lead.

Alexis Schaffer received her undergraduate degree in psychology and is a registered nurse. In her free time, she teaches yoga and writes for various online publications. She’s also the proud dog mom of a beagle named Dobby.