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Organizing Your Home (The Garage)

5 Ways to Organize Your Garage

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As a part of the home that is often out of sight and mind, garages can quickly become disorganized. Here’s how to maintain a sense of order in yours!
  1. Maximize space.  Hang items like shovels, hoses, and cords on the wall. During seasonal changes, hang Organized clean suburban residential two car garage with tools, file cabinets and sports equipment.bikes, skis, and surfboards from the ceiling. Hang a hammock to contain basketballs and other items that can roll away.
  2. Choose appropriate shelving. Keep things off the floor by using shelving. Metal shelving withstands heat and humidity better than wood.
  3. Use airtight containers.  Store holiday decorations and other seasonal items in plastic containers. These can withstand humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations. Remember to label all containers.
  4. Keep like items together. Separate everything in the garage into categories. Store all sporting equipment together. Do likewise with tools and so on.
  5. Choose storage areas. Once you’ve sorted by category, store these things in the garage where they make the most sense. Put cleaning materials near the door leading into the house. Garden equipment should go near the garage door.

Next month- watch for the checklist for your laundry room!