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Organizing Your Home (the Living Room)

Need quick tips for organizing your home?

Let’s start with a living room checklist:

  • Remove everything on the floor that doesn’t belong there. Kids’ toys go back to their rooms.
  • Return food items (half-eaten snacks?) to the kitchen.
  • De-clutter the coffee table and other flat surfaces.
  • Group your framed photos. Consider a creative wall display.
  • Put similar objects (like TV remotes) in one place.
  • Purge the magazines and assorted papers. Place relevant items on a rack or in a bin.
  • Add an attractive wastebasket.
  • Cut your favorite collectable collection by at least half. Put the rest in storage and rotate the items to keep it fresh.

Stay tuned for checklists for other rooms in your house.

Next month: The bedroom!