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Soundproofing Your Home

Soundproofing can help you rest better in your new home

From loud electronics and kitchen equipment to noisy neighbors and street sounds, an otherwise serene home can easily become an unpleasant cacophony of disturbances. Keep the peace with a few simple soundproofing tips.

  • Install interior doors that aren’t hollow. Particleboard-core, composite-core, or solid-wood doors are all better options.


  • Add sound-dampening throw rugs and fill bookshelves in the most voluminous rooms.

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  • Maintain appliances or invest in quieter ones when it’s time for replacements.


  • Keep external noise to a minimum by closing the garage door, installing triple-pane glass, and using curtains made from tightly woven fabric.


  • Add insulation to thin walls and ceilings.


  • Tighten squeaky floorboards.


  • Avoid inexpensive or poorly designed speaker systems or entertainment gear.